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Keeping your drain and sewer pipes cleaned and unblocked is definitely an essential part of maintaining your home and office. Whenever your showers, sinks, and bathtubs aren’t draining properly or your sewer and drains are backed up, clogged, or otherwise not functioning properly, that’s where the Hawaii Drain Cleaning Squad’s services play an important the role.

Our skilled experts can determine why your sewer or drain is clogged or not functioning properly and they give solution for it.

The drain cleaning is like to locate the problem, before you dig! The procedure will save you time and money too.

Sewer camera inspection is the accurate and quick way to get a detailed and instant look at the ongoing situation of underground sewer drainage systems.

Hydro-jetting, which is also known as “water jetters” or “sewer jetters”, is the foremost way to clean drain pipes and clear any debris that may be blocking the pipe lines.

Hawaii Drain Cleaning Squad has the most thoroughly trained and courteous service technicians who can descale your drain system most efficiently and affordably.

To detect the perfect situation of leakage, we offer a video inspection of your drain and water pipeline to ensure that from where the leakage is happening.

From a single family home to a large commercial unit, Hawaii Drain Cleaning Squad will do a neat and professional Sewer Cleaning & Pipe Rejuvenation job every time.

We provide your home with essential drain maintenance through our professional drain cleaning and repair services.